Hurricane Hamburgers & Stormy S’mores today on KHON 2

Hurricane Hamburgers…so cute, they’ll blow you away

 No Baking & No Cooking

First things first, hurricane preparedness  is serious business, y’all.  You need to plan for several days of no power  ( no lights, no electronics and gasp*** no cooking).  As desperate as the youngins’ are without their electronics, well, I feel the same way about the cooking and baking outage.  But here’s two family-friendly recipes I’ve prepared for our local morning show on KHON 2.  Both of these are no baking and no cooking but totally scrumptious and such an easy project for the beginner (or kids).


Use the photo above for a construction guide (so easy : no recipe, just a photo and ingredients)

Vanilla wafers (hamburger buns)

Shredded Coconut, tinted green w/food coloring (lettuce)

Mint Fudge Cookie (hamburger patty)

Corn syrup and sesame seeds (brush on a scant amount of corn syrup to the “top bun” wafer & sprinkle with sesame seeds)

If you want to make it a Deluxe Burger:

  • Slice of American Cheese: select an orange starburst candy; roll it to flatten and cut into small squares
  • Ketchup & Mustard: use tubes of yellow & red decorative frosting
  • arrange your condiments and fixins’ so they are peeking out from the sides of the bun
  • add a droop of yellow to your green coconut to give it that realistic lettuce color

No Baking & No Cooking

Stormy S'mores

Stormy S’mores …No campfire needed



Graham Crackers (halved)

Milk Chocolate ready-made canned Frosting

Mini-Marshmallows (12 per sandwich cookie)

Set up a s’mores bar in the kitchen; try these add-ins:

  • Nutella or nut butter
  • thinly sliced bananas, apples or pears
  •  blueberries or sliced strawberries
  • chopped nuts or chocolate chips

Remember, you don’t have to wait for bad weather to enjoy these great treats!